Helsinki promotes the circular economy of plastics and reduces the harmful effects of plastics in infrastructure and green construction

Execution time 2023–2026

Helsinki aims to promote the circular economy of plastics and reduce the harmful effects of plastics in infrastructure and green construction. On the one hand, the Ccity strives to discontinue the unnecessary use of plastics and, on the other hand, to explore the possibilities of replacing virgin plastics with recycled plastics or other materials.

The project seeks to increase the understanding of city employees working in infrastructure and green construction about the challenges and circular economy goals related to plastics. This will deepen the employees’ knowledge and understanding of alternatives and solutions related to plastics in construction.

Selkämeri park. © Jussi Hellsten

Our work consists of four tasks:

  1. We will analyse the city’s previous infrastructure and green construction projects and the amounts and types of plastics used in them. From the perspective of volume, environmental impacts and the circular economy, we will identify the most significant plastic flows in the city’s infrastructure and green construction activities.
  2. We will analyse the processes of project planning and construction procurement, with the aim of identifying the key stages in which decisions regarding materials and their use are made.
  3. We will carry out 2–3 infrastructure construction pilots, in which we seek new perspectives on project planning and the procurement phase. On the one hand, the pilots can test alternative operating methods to reduce the use of synthetic materials that pose a risk of a spread of microplastics, and on the other hand, they can test the use of recycled plastics or other materials, instead of virgin plastics.
  4. We will organise training for the Ccity’s developers, planners, procurement experts and other key personnel. Training will be increased over the course of the project as knowledge and experience accumulate.

The city’s guidelines for the planning and procurement of infrastructure and green construction will be revised based on the lessons learned from the project.

The Helsinki sub-project implements the City of Helsinki’s Action Plan for the Circular and Sharing Economy. The progress of the project is monitored by using the action plan monitoring tool Circularity Watch.

Further information on the role of Helsinki in the PlastLIFE project

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