Kestävyysloikka_EN_556 is a showcase and sharing platform for Finland’s climate, circular economy and nature solutions 2022-03-03
Sustainability Leap is an online platform provided and maintained by the Finnish Environment Institute to present and disseminate climate, circular economy and nature solutions.
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Ihmiset ja puhelimet
CircBrief: Electronics and circular economy 2021-09-29
The value chains of electronic products are global, complex and cause a wide range of impacts. The new publication by Circwaste project presents the environmental impacts throughout the life cycle of electronics as well as solutions, such as product life extension through design.
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Gamification of waste recycling at the Kangas district in Jyväskylä 2021-07-21
An experiment related to a Circwaste subproject was conducted in February in the Kangas district of Jyväskylä, during which participants' waste behaviour was monitored and influenced by means of gamification.
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At the Liperi automated station, you only pay for what you leave behind 2021-07-21
The purpose of the automated station is to facilitate the handling of customer waste and to increase the number of services that meet the needs of consumers in a more diverse manner, without limiting the access time.
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