Tools and services

There are many tools, methods and approaches that can be used to promote circular economy, available for businesses, municipalities, the state and individuals. The circular economy roadmap is a tool for identifying objectives and procedures and engaging interest groups. Some of the more concrete methods include material reviews, sustainable public procurement and industrial symbioses. Information to aid in decision-making and monitoring the results can be acquired with various types of calculators and life cycle based tools.

Good practises

Would you like to learn about methods used and experiments conducted in connection to circular economy and waste management in Finland and abroad? The Circwaste project collects and shares good circular economy practices via the online service Material Leap, and several other organisations are also conducting similar projects.

For example, the European Commission’s LIFE programme has listed more than 100 projects connected to circular economy in its publication. Circular Europe Network has marked good practices on its map, while Sitra keeps a list of interesting Finnish companies that represent circular economy.

More information

  • Researcher Hanna Savolahti, Finnish Environment Institute,
  • Circwaste Project Manager, Head of Unit Tuuli Myllymaa, Finnish Environment Institute,
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