Streamlining commercial supply chains with digital cloud services

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The Finnish company GS1 Finland is designing and implementing a digital service targeted particularly at small enterprises. One of the purposes of the service is to help reduce material loss. The service facilitates interaction between suppliers and retailers and increases the resource efficiency of supply chains.

By streamlining the order-delivery process, the Golli cloud service improves product circulation: the right products arrive on store shelves quickly, shelf lives are longer and losses are reduced.

Traceability and visibility to business operations

The service takes the entire supply chain from orders and deliveries to invoicing to the digital realm. An electronic archive is accumulated of all events and activities: which products have been delivered where and when. The archived information can then be used for tracing products or deliveries and planning operations, for example.

Suppliers use the cloud service through a web browser, which ensures that the latest version of the service is always available. The service can also be accessed via mobile devices anywhere in the world.

Golli is already used by more than 200 suppliers. The ordering clients involved include S-ryhmä, Inex Partners, Kesko, Kespro, Wihuri Oy Aarnio, Heinon Tukku and Meira Nova. Suppliers can use Golli with all trade partners that use the same service, thus eliminating the need for separate systems.

Less pallet waste

In the Circwaste project pilot, GS1 Finland developed a feature for monitoring the circulation of pallets for the Golli service. For example, Gold and Green, the company manufacturing pulled oats, uses recyclable and reusable Encore pallets in its operations. One leased and circulated pallet can proportionally replace almost 100 single-use pallets.

The identifiers in the pallets can be used to monitor their location and link individual pallets to the products they carry. The data collected on pallet tracking can be used to optimize pallet circulation and transportation.

The GS1 subproject has ended on 2019.

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