Circular Economy Service Centre – tools and support

The Circwaste project is being coordinated by the Circular Economy Service Centre established by the Finnish Environment Institute. The Center provides regional operators with expert support and disseminates information on good practices in the context of the circular economy.

Expert assistance and research data to support practical applications

In practice, the Service Center experts provide circular economy operators with a variety of services, such as material surveys and assessments of environmental, cost and employment impacts, and develop indicators related to the circular economy. In addition to this, the Finnish Environment Institute conducts critical factor analyses, which utilize data from pilots conducted during the project and works to find solutions to problems and hindrances that have come up in examinations. Another objective is to initiate new projects.

Good examples are duplicated

The Service Center distributes information on material-efficient public procurement, harmful substances, establishing industrial symbioses and the possibilities of funding new initiatives. The Service Center particularly supports regional working groups and a select number of pioneering municipalities. Good examples of the circular economy are being compiled on the Sustainability Leap website.

Conveying the message of the circular economy

Communications and information distribution play an important role in terms of the realization of the project. The Service Center provides visibility for all core area activities and subprojects. In addition to this, it distributes information on the national and international good practices relating to the circular economy.

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