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The transition to a circular economy requires regional data and quantitative targets

In Finland, Circwaste – Towards Circular Economy is one of the biggest development projects accelerating the transition to a circular economy and achieving the targets of the National Waste Plan. The numerous subprojects focus on municipal waste, industrial waste and its by-products, construction waste, soils and contaminated lands and the food system.

Now published interim report shows the results so far. Municipalities emerge as key actors in facilitating a socially just transition towards a circular economy and one of the key findings is the need for regional indicators and data for decision-making.

"In this newsletter you will find out more about the Circwaste project and some of the recent highlights from our work", says Project Leader Tuuli Myllymaa from the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE.

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Waste management in Finland


This video about Finland's waste management and its key successes and innovations was filmed in autumn 2020 together with waste management partners. The video has been translated into several languages and is free to use for educational purposes.

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Putting circular economy into practice magazine highlights the opportunities of the circular economy in the business world

© Kai Widell

“As Finland moves to a carbon-neutral circular economy, companies will face a major and rapid change. There will be completely new business areas and the old ones will wither away,” emphasises Commercial Counsellor, Professor Reijo Karhinen in an interview with the magazine.

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Fazer’s xylitol factory wins Circwaste’s annual circular economy award

© Liisa Eerola / Fazer

Fazer is building a xylitol production facility in City of Lahti, Finland which is unique on a global scale. The xylitol is produced from oat hulls. The facility serves as a prime example of innovation in modern circular economy.

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The pioneers in circular economy have an impact


Representatives from ten Finnish pioneering municipalities shared their experiences and results from circular economy efforts in their biannual meeting. The pioneers are: Ii, Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Lahti, Lappeenranta, Porvoo, Riihimäki, Rovaniemi, Turku and Vantaa.

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The waste data of the Kangas district in City of Jyväskylä made available online

© Miro Valtonen

“Each time a waste collection point lock opens, it is recorded in the service of the lock-provider”, explains Liaison manager Tanja Oksa from the City of Jyväskylä. Waste data helps for example to monitor how changes in society or regional changes affect waste volumes.

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The recycling rate of household waste not increasing fast enough

© Kai Widell

The Finnish Environment Institute SYKE has published new regional monitoring information about household waste volumes and recycling rates as well as social indicators of circular economy. The recycling rate of household waste is not increasing fast enough.

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The Energy & Material Leap platform shares best practices


The Energy & Material Leap platform has been created for documenting and sharing best practices to implement circular economy. The Leaps are easily available for everyone – municipalities, citizens and entrepreneurs.

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We will need to work together to save the planet
Hannele Tiitto, Council of Tampere Region

Recycling furniture – changing office work challenges the circular economy
Kati Pitkänen, Jaana Kolehmainen and Alli Sirén, SYKE

You need statistics to reach the recycling goals – but what is most important is more conscientious recycling
Heidi Pirtonen, Statistics Finland

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