Waste management in Finland

We in Finland have and enjoy beautiful nature and a high standard of living. If we do not ensure the sustainable use of natural resources and the recycling of waste, it could lead to many key environmental problems: the decrease of natural resources, accelerated climate change and reduction of biodiversity. For saving the nature everyone must have the opportunity to help out. 

Finland has invested in research and development work, and the innovations have enabled the increasingly efficient recycling. The change has been rapid. Waste was previously only thought of as rubbish. Nowadays, it is being increasingly seen as a raw material. Over the years, waste treatment methods have changed from just sorting waste in landfills to utilising waste as energy and recycling.

Finland has invested in high-quality waste management solutions, which are a prerequisite for preserving a safe and clean living environment. Work on this has been ongoing for some time. The development of legislation and administration, improved waste management systems and the desire of citizens to sort waste are all aiming at the conservation of nature and natural resources as well as at keeping nature clean for the current and future generations.

This video about Finland's waste management was filmed during autumn 2020. You can change the subtitles from the players options into English, Finnish, Swedish, Russian and China. Transcription text in English is also available. © SYKE/Circwaste

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