Life cycle based tools

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) provides information about a product’s environmental effects throughout its life cycle. A product life cycle can span from the acquisition of the materials from nature to the processing, transport, manufacturing, distribution, use, reuse, maintenance, recycling and discarding of the product.

Several instructions and ISO 14040 series standards have been created to support LCA. In addition, there is a number of life cycle assessment databases that help with information acquisition and contain inventory data of raw materials, energy production, transport and waste management, among other things.

During the Circwaste project, the Finnish Environment Institute will provide businesses, municipalities and individuals with life cycle based tools and instructions on how to use them.

A series of webinars on life cycle assessment

On 2 April 2019, the Circwaste project held a training webinar, open to all, on how to use the Carbon Footprinting Tool CCaLC2, which enables users to assess environmental effects and costs. The tool is suitable for businesses and municipalities, for example. The training recordings allow users to learn the basics of life cycle modelling and to use the CCaLC2 tool with the help of simple case examples. The recordings are available via the following links:

Output of the Circwaste project: guidelines for using LCA tools

In the Circwaste project, guidelines for the use of two LCA calculation tools were produced to support the LCA assessment; of CCaLC2 and Climate Diet. Check out the instructions from the link below:

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