Resource efficiency for construction in the Pori region

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The City of Pori is promoting resource-efficient construction in the region and bolstering cooperation between construction sector operators with regard to the circular economy.

The project efforts will involve putting together a cooperation network of developers, construction companies, property owners, authorities and institutes of higher education. The network aims to find and implement good practices to recycle and reduce construction waste.

Good use for construction waste

The city is providing special support for the circulation of construction components and demolition waste by means of various practical measures. The aim is for the examples selected for the project to achieve the requisite 70% recycling rate in the context of varying construction projects, such as educational institutes, detached houses, apartment blocks and new buildings.

Other project measures:

  • life cycle assessment of the construction materials of three housing fair properties
  • extending the life cycle thinking to cover procurement processes
  • carbon footprint calculations for three detached or semi-detached houses
  • application of the Ministry of the Environment’s demolition review guidelines to demolition targets
  • development of the spare parts bank operations
  • communications to private and public construction sector operators


  •  4/2017–12/2020

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  • Project Planner Anu Tuovinen, City of Pori,
Published 2019-07-19 at 10:28, updated 2020-12-21 at 16:17

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