Data bank and logistics terminal for recyclable soil

Saramäki material terminal © Kiertomaa Oy

Kiertomaa Oy will be establishing a material terminal in the Saramäki district of Turku to facilitate the recycling and storage of surplus rock and soil. In addition to this, the company is developing ICT solutions for utilizing surplus materials.

The 75-hectare material terminal to be built in Saramäki is located only eight kilometers from the center of Turku. The area will be used to store and recycle surplus soil from earthwork, such as surplus quarry materials, moraine, dry crust clay, surface soil and aggregate products. In addition to soil, the terminal also accepts wood materials.

New materials from recycle soil

Secondary materials are being developed and produced from surplus materials in the material terminal area through partnerships. For example, the clayey soil in Southwest Finland cannot be used for earthwork purpose without processing, but the soil can be transformed into viable material with the addition of industrial by-products, for example. The project is also developing a rock washer that can be used to clean contaminated soil for reuse.

Optimized soil management

Within the scope of the project, Kiertomaa Oy is also developing ICT solutions to make it easier to direct surplus materials from various work sites for reuse as close to the source as possible. The project efforts will also involve the development of a digital application for the selling, buying, intermediate and final storage, and optimized transportation of soil materials. The application can be used by infrastructure builders and other soil users in the region to locate one another more effortlessly than before.

The project aims 

  • the supply and demand of rock and soil materials meet better than at present
  • surplus and secondary soil materials are actively utilized
  • the need for virgin rock and soil materials is reduced
  • detriments caused by the transportation of rock and soil material are reduced
  • the unauthorized and unnecessary dumping of usable rock oil soil material is reduced


  • Fall 2017–fall 2019

More information

  • Project and Communications Coordinator Titta Vikstedt,
  • Project Manager Mia Hytti,
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