Turning plastic waste from agriculture and construction into new products

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Karelia University of Applied Sciences is examining the big picture of plastic waste generation in the North Karelia region and preparing a variety of utilization scenarios for the waste. At the same time, the regional waste management system of North Karelia will be updated and a number of legal, technical and financial analyses regarding the processing of plastics will be completed.

Commercial innovations to plastic recycling

The project involves collecting a variety of plastics from agriculture and construction sites to test as raw materials for new products. Many companies have begun to collect and recycle agricultural plastic, and Karelia is supporting them in developing the reuse.

Agriculture generates significant amounts of plastic waste, which has as yet been unsuitable for utilization. Agriculture and peat production in Finland as a whole generate up to 12,000 tons of plastic waste, including wrapping film for round bales, canisters and covers for strawberry fields.

The project produces new business models related to the use of plastics, with the aim of duplicating the successful ones in other locations. Companies working with the collection and processing of plastics play a very important role in the preparation of the business models.


  • 10/2016–3/2019

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  • Project Manager Simo Paukkunen, firstname.lastname@karelia.fi

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