Efficiency for the recycling of construction and demolition waste

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Waste management company Puhas Oy is developing the sorting and recycling of construction and demolition waste within its owner municipalities Joensuu, Ilomantsi, Kontiolahti, Liperi and Polvijärvi.

Sorting waste at the work site

Source separation of construction waste is being developed in cooperation with construction companies. The more efficient the sorting of construction waste at the work site is, the easier it is to reuse the waste as materials. The development work involves testing and piloting a vast range of methods, such as various recycling containers, waste guidance services or new service concepts.

Boosting the efficiency of the waste center

The sorting of construction and demolition waste is also being developed at the Kontiosuo Waste Center. The project efforts involve looking for ways to enable the more efficient separation and utilization of waste materials. The relevant good practices must also be refined to increase sorting efficiency.

Reusing construction waste

Overall, the essential aim of the project is to promote the recycling of construction and demolition waste in order to identify the challenges of reusing waste as materials and to expedite the reintroduction of construction and demolition waste into the material flow.

Guidance supports construction professionals

Targeted guidance and communication materials are being prepared for operators in the construction field. Their purpose is to improve general awareness of ways to reduce and sort construction and demolition waste. Experiences gained during the project are utilized in the preparation of the guidance materials.


  • 1/2017–12/2019

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  • Project Manager Matti Mikkelä, Puhas Oy, firstname.lastname@puhas.fi

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