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Circwaste Final Seminar

The results of the Circwaste project will be presented at the project's final seminar on October 26 and 27 in Hietalahti, Helsinki, at the Radisson Blu Seaside Hotel. Come and hear what the Circwaste ...

Fish swimming in city streets remind us that rubbish doesn’t belong in manholes

The Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association is holding a Mahanpuruja muovista (tummyache from plastic) campaign in which manholes are marked with colourful stickers from 21 August to 3 September 2023. T...

Solving the plastic challenge from several angles

A joint project involving 17 partners includes many approaches to sustainable circular economy for plastics. A common requirement for all these approaches is that our whole society must bear responsib...

Syke on the Plastics Roadmap for five years

Congratulations to the Plastics Roadmap for Finland for five years of work to achieve a breakthrough in the circular economy of plastics!

CircBrief: Towards a sustainable circular economy for plastics

Plastic waste is a valuable material that retains its value when recycled. How can the leaking cycles of plastics be closed?

Circular economy for plastics in Finland means a plastics responsible society

The proper sorting of plastics, recycling options, reuse and recycling-friendly product design, and the prevention of litter are examples that we want to affect to get the circular economy for plastic...

Why are we falling behind on the recycling targets for plastics − Muoviavain project focuses on the key questions of plastics recycling

Recycling of plastics play a key role in a functioning Circular Economy of plastics. Finland is, however, falling behind on its recycling targets for plastics and today they are recycled in insufficie...

Circwaste at the heart of the EU

The Circwaste project was invited to participate in the Annual Conference 2023: Recovery, Open Strategic Autonomy and Resilience. The conference brought together Europe's biggest circular economy stak...

The recycling of household waste has become more efficient in many municipal areas in Finland

The recycling rate of household waste has increased in almost all municipal areas that have been monitored in the period 2016–2021. The trend in the volume of household waste has fluctuated: about one...

CircBrief: Reducing food waste in food services

In Finland, a total of 78 million kilograms of food waste is estimated to be generated annually in food services, of which a total of 61 million kilograms is originally edible. In this CircBrief we wi...

Networking boosts circular economy development - Europe-wide study published

As part of the Circwaste project, the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Recycling Centre aims to establish a national network of recycling operators and thus steer Finland towards a circular economy.

Recycled furniture saved over 70,000 kilos of natural resources in a school in Lahti

The circular economy is part of the City of Lahti's strategy and procurement programme. In 2020, the city signed a framework contract for recycled furniture with three suppliers: OffiStore, Martela an...

2022-03-07 is a showcase and sharing platform for Finland’s climate, circular economy and nature solutions

Sustainability Leap is an online platform provided and maintained by the Finnish Environment Institute to present and disseminate climate, circular economy and nature solutions.

Children and young people practise circular economy in schools in Riihimäki

The circular economy is one of the city's key projects, and since 2019, every school in the municipality has had a person responsible for circular economy issues. Circular economy curricula have also ...

New waste plan guides us in building a circular economy society together

The Circwaste project aims to promote the implementation of the National Waste Plan and to advance the objectives of the circular economy. The project has now been working towards these goals for over...

Hospital project redesign of waste management concept in cooperation with personnel

The aim was to build on the experience of the old hospital and develop an integrated waste management concept for the new hospital, where waste sorting would be as simple and uniform as possible from ...

Montinutra develops new product applications from Finnish spruce chips

Montinutra develops, produces and commercialises new products from the spruce sawdust. In general, industrial side streams from the forest industry are used for energy production or sold to the world ...

Salpakierto's service experiment reduced the amount of biowaste in mixed waste

Salpakierto Oy provides municipal waste management services, such as waste collection and treatment, in the Lahti region in accordance with the Waste Act. In autumn 2020, a pilot project for the colle...

Ashes are transformed from waste into a civil engineering product

In the process developed by Ecolan Oy, the ash is rotated with water in a drum to form a granulate, which, when separated into different sizes, is suitable for different construction sites.

Through difficulties to victory - climate benefits and economic savings from waste composites

The construction sector is Europe's biggest waste producer. In 2016, it accounted for more than a third of all waste generated.


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