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CircBrief: Electronics and circular economy

The value chains of electronic products are global, complex and cause a wide range of impacts. The new publication by Circwaste project presents the environmental impacts throughout the life cycle of ...

Boosting Circular Economy – Circular economy advancements from Finland and around the World

Boosting circular economy webinar collected international group of circular economy experts together for sharing latest views, results and examples on circular economy.

We all need support in the transition to a sustainable sharing economy

The transition from private ownership to the sharing economy requires a major change both in business logic and in people's consumption habits. That is why a sustainable transition requires support an...

The transition to a circular economy requires regional data and quantitative targets

The Circwaste project has created a lot of political, theoretical and practical content on the concept and field of circular economy. Now published interim report shows the results so far.

The pioneers in circular economy have an impact

Representatives from ten municipalities shared their experiences and results from circular economy efforts in their biannual meeting. There were also discussions on the proposal for the circular econo...

Fazer’s xylitol factory wins Circwaste’s annual circular economy award – the pioneering company industrially produces xylitol from oat hulls

Fazer’s xylitol factory has been recognized with Circwaste’s annual circular economy award. Fazer is building a xylitol production facility in Lahti which is unique on a global scale. The xylitol is p...

The circular economy programme offers solutions for environmental and financial challenges

The proposal for a strategic programme on circular economy sets forth the measures and goals needed to establish circular economy as the basis of the Finnish economy by 2035.

The recycling rate of household waste not increasing fast enough

The recycling rate of household waste is not increasing fast enough. In some municipal areas, a slightly positive trend can be detected, but we must accelerate the rate to meet the EU recycling goals ...

The Putting circular economy into practice magazine highlights the opportunities of the circular economy in the business world

The Putting circular economy into practice magazine of the Circwaste project was published in September 2020. The magazine covers circular economy from the perspective of interest to companies.

Love Every Crumb campaign encourages Finns to reduce food waste

There is much room for improvement in sorting biowaste. The Love Every Crumble campaign, encourages Finns to reduce food waste and sort biowaste at home, at work and on holidays.

Good deeds at the refrigerator

As the days grow darker, I visit the fridge more and more often. Good food is a basic need, but it also brings joy – perhaps even love.

The Circular Economy Service Centre supports municipalities in sustainable public procurement

The Circwaste - Circular Economy Service Centre provides assistance to resource-efficient and chemical-wise public procurement.

A common vision of the barriers and solutions will help in the transition to a circular economy

The transition to a circular economy requires the reform of many existing practices. The Circwaste project identified critical factors that professionals face in promoting the circular economy and rec...

Speeding up circular economy – Circwaste municipalities and regions actively engaged in programme work

One of the highlights of circular economy this autumn will be the strategic programme. It is being finalised under the leadership of the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Economic Affair...

Towards a resource-wise Europe – New Circular Economy Action Plan published

In March, the European Commission published a new Circular Economy Action Plan. Its goal is for products that end up on the market to be designed and manufactured to be durable, repairable, and recycl...

With circular economy towards sustainable development

The European Commission launched the European Green Deal, a green development programme and roadmap, at the beginning of the year. Its mission is to pave the way for sustainable growth and towards cli...

Pioneering municipalities Ii, Jyväskylä and Rovaniemi release their road maps to circular economy

In the Circwaste project designed to promote circular economy, the pioneering municipalities Ii, Jyväskylä and Rovaniemi have published their road maps to circular economy to guide the resource wisdom...

Public procurements can expedite low-carbon circular economy

Public procurements and investments can be the force to steer us towards low-carbon circular economy.

Jyväskylä is the circular economy municipality of 2019

The City of Jyväskylä was announced as the winner at the Kuntamarkkinat municipal fair on 11 September. The City of Lappeenranta and the City of Oulu received honourable mentions.

Information flow must be improved in order to avoid hazardous substances from being reused

Finland aims to promote circular economy as part of the mitigation of the climate crisis and the sustainable use of natural resources. However, problems for the health of people or the environment mus...


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