Education and networking to promote the circular economy and reduce waste

© Tommi Lievonen,The City of Pori

The City of Pori Environmental and Permit Services unit is establishing an expert and guidance network for the Satakunta region to provide information of the circular economy. The network’s aim is to improve expert knowledge in the waste management field and increase environmental awareness in the region.

The network brings together regional actors involved in waste management, recycling, environmental matters, sustainable development and public procurement.

One of the core areas of the project is environmental education aimed at different age groups. Members of the network will collaborate to create an environmental education path from early to secondary education, which will encompass visit destinations and learning packages focused on themes related to promoting the circular economy and reducing waste.

Expediting the implementation of the Waste Plan

The operations of the network support the implementation of the National Waste Plan in the Satakunta region. The aim is to reduce the consumption of natural resources and to promote the circular economy (e.g. recycling and composting) and sustainable public procurement. In addition to this, the network is developing measures to improve the sorting of harmful waste and reduce littering.

An important part of the network’s operations is to highlight the significance of reducing waste and support local organizations in taking environmental action.

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  • Project Coordinator Anu Pujola, City of Pori,
Published 2019-07-19 at 10:34, updated 2020-12-21 at 16:22

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