New composite products from plastics and fiber waste

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LUT University and Wimao Oy are developing composite fiber products from recycled materials at a new pilot facility. The new technology enables the recycling of waste fractions that would otherwise be difficult to reuse as materials.

New recycling technology on an industrial scale

The pilot facility constructed by Wimao Oy manufactures biocomposite products from recycled materials. The facility manufactures specialized products for the construction, packaging, logistics and automotive industries. A composite product made from recycled materials is equal to its weight in emission savings compared to virgin raw materials.

Municipal, industrial, construction and demolition waste is used as raw material for the products. The recycled composite materials utilize recycled plastic, wood fiber, textile, paper and cardboard fibers, various mineral wools and plaster waste, for example.

Aiming to commercialize technology

The project focuses on the development of composite materials, product development, selection of machines and tools, product-related and environmental safety, and commercialization of composite products and processes. Additional goals are strengthening and optimizing the overall sustainability of material reuse as part of the processing and utilization of waste. Another goal is to duplicate the concept in other locations and establish corresponding facilities in other countries as well.

Wimao Oy is in charge of the practical implementation of the trial facility.


  • 10/2016–3/2021

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  • Coordinator Minna Sipi, Wimao Oy,
  • Associate Professor Jouni Havukainen, LUT University,

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