Biogas and new products from industrial and agricultural side streams

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The regional development company Pielisen-Karjalan Kehittämiskeskus Oy is working with industrial companies and municipalities in North Karelia to find, model and test sustainable methods for utilizing by-products and waste.

The project entails the creation of industrial symbioses among local companies and the implementation of four practical trials that take advantage of the side streams of the companies involved. The companies operate in the timber industry, agricultural industry, metal industry and food industry.

Side stream products and biogas recovery through trials

In the first trial, the wood production side streams of companies operating in the industrial areas of Lieksa and Nurmes are being utilized. The aim is to test the manufacturing methods of new products before actual production. The two other trials will be use side streams generated by the metal or food industry.

The goal of the research conducted during the project is to improve the cost efficiency of biogas plants, making them easier to adopt across the country. For example, a biogas plant utilizing a dry digestion process is being planned for the North Karelia region.


  •  8/2017–10/2022

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