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Plastic recycling hindered by lack of collection points 2019-04-02
Finns are concerned about the problems caused by plastic waste and consider the recycling of plastic to be important. However, recycling is also considered difficult, as plastic collection points are located far away from homes.
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Negative impacts of plastic under the microscope, from ghost nets to microplastics 2019-03-27
Plastic is currently one of the hottest topics of discussion all around the world. In Finland, this discussion has lead to the preparation of a national Plastics Roadmap, which proposes measures towards reducing the environmental impact of plastics.
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Porvoo, Vantaa and Riihimäki publish roadmaps for promoting the circular economy 2019-05-31
Porvoo, Vantaa and Riihimäki, three of the pioneering cities of the CIRCWASTE – Towards Circular Economy in Finland project, have published their own circular economy roadmaps, which will steer the cities’ efforts to promote resource wisdom in the coming years.
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Resource-smart schools being built in Kuopio 2019-02-13
Kuopio intends its new constructions to be as sustainable and climate-friendly as possible. The facilities at the Kuikkalampi daycare centre and the community service centre of Kuopio’s western rural areas have been efficiently designed to support new ways of learning, while keeping the buildings’ carbon footprint under control.
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